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Rants and Raves of a Starberry
spamming your friend's pages since february 2006
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2nd-Oct-2021 11:59 am - NEW JOURNAL

You'll find me here from now on, mmkay? ♥♥♥

Much love!
27th-Feb-2020 03:27 pm - Sing me a love song --- ♪
F R I E N D S   O N L Y

♥ Share at least three interests with me - we'll get a long better if we have common ground.
♪ Comment me and wait until I comment back saying I've added you. Then go forth and add me back.
♥ If you get a new journal, PLEASE take me off as a friend on your old one. It's a lot neater that way.
♪ Because of entries that deal with not so nice issues, filters have been made to keep the kiddies out.
♥ Like any other person, I am dysfunctional. Can't deal? Bugger off.
♪ Comments are always lovely, even once in a while.
♥ In turn, I will comment when I have something meaningful to say.
♪ I love meeting new people and making new friends, so don't be shy!
15th-Jun-2007 06:02 pm - I'm sorry
I got angry yesterday.
I did impulsive things.

Sorry .__.
I didn't mean to delete my journal I just got upset and deleted it.
I'll try and behave.
12th-Mar-2007 07:09 pm - Shameless Advertising
hollywoodesigns hollywoodesigns hollywoodesigns hollywoodesigns hollywoodesigns

Nothing there yet (working on it as we speak), but I *am* looking for affiliates. And I have some amazing graphic designers as friends who have graphics journals, so I'm staring you all down here to help me out a wee bit xDD

Anyways, thats my spam for the day.
Expect more in an hour or so =O
1st-Mar-2007 08:42 am - Eeeeeeeee~~~~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes, it was -totally- necessary.
25th-Feb-2007 04:39 pm - ...

Die ...
Why didn't you do -that- when my boobs popped out?

That is all.
21st-Feb-2007 08:28 pm - Randomosity xD
So, totally looking at my old journals (the ones I spammed once or twice then abandoned xD need to go delete those, y0~) and I found something I wanted to post here.

So, apparently you have to do this.
Then dance the dance of life.
Well, that's what the 15 year old Danyel said in her old journal --;
You can skip the dancing, but I'd actually appreciate it xDD Hurhur~~~

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 4 questions. Any 4, no matter how personal, dirty, private, or random. I have to answer them honestly. In return, you have to post this message in your own journal, and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you...

I really don't care if you post it in your own journal or not. Just ask me questions, it gives me a reason to procrastinate from doing my Law homework.

Hurhur~~ Law sucks. But it's so much better than Drama with ... idiots R us >>;;
Still. Law is so ... boring and technical.

ASK AWAY~~ [/sings "Maple Gunman"]

After the Concert
Applebees, stalking the band, the lobby camp out, going home

After Kelly disappeared with Wendy back in the venue, Reichu, Ron, Jason and I went to Applebees. While we were waiting for a seat, Ron asked if I was alright - and really, I wasn't. I was all over the emotional spectrum and I had been running off of a piece of toast and orange juice all day. Ron told Reichu to take me to the bathroom, and I got in there and gave Reichu all my stuff and proceeded to a stall where I cried and spewed the little food I had consumed all day.

I sat in the bathroom with Reichu for a moment to calm down, and I really appreciated her being there with me. I was a wreck, completely and totally.

We joined the guys a while later and I got some mozza sticks, but nothing more. Water too. I was afraid that it would all end up being vomited anyways. After we ate we went back to the hotel and ... and ... and ...


-gaspity gasp-

The three of us morons ran up to the hotel room, dropped off our stuff then headed down to the lobby. We were only joking about our Dir en grey stalking, and eventually we sat down and just chatted on how cool it was that the band was staying in the same hotel as us. I soon turned to look out the window and I saw a familiar figure walking towards the door. I then turned to Reichu and Jason and said very casually "Hey, look, it's Shinya".

Let the chaos begin!

Reichu jumped up, knees bent, arms out going "where? WHERE?!" and Jason was freaking out too. Shinya walked in and we just stared as Nora checked them in. Shinya had turned around and smiled at Jason - honestly, I could imagine him having his dog with him. He's so beautiful ... guh. Him and Nora got into the elevator, and Reichu just broke down. She was laughing and crying and completely broke down. I gave her a hug, but I was laughing too hard to do much else. Soon Kyo and Kaoru came through, then Die and Toshiya came out, and we were just staring. I tried to say hello to Die when he came out, but I could only wave and my words came out as a strangled sound. He smiled at me, but then went right back to staring at the ground. Toshiya seemed to keep close to whoever he was around, like he was afraid of being attacked or something. I remember Kyo came back out with Kaoru at some point too. We didn't leave the lobby because Shinya still had to come back out.

I went and sat beside the elevator, and soon Shinya came out of it. I didn't sit there to be beside Shinya if and when he came out, but to get a good view of the lobby doors. I was getting worried about Kelly - this was when I was told that if she got lost we would leave without her. I was panicking, no doubt. But, as I was saying, Shinya came out of the elevator I was sitting beside and looked down at me and gave me a "you're still here?" look (since we were there when he came in), then it turned in to an "oh, you're still here!" smile. I wish I said something, but I'm just so happy I got to be that close to them all. I had so much fun.

We went back up to the hotel room and squee'd to Ron, then Kelly came in and explained she had fallen asleep in Wendy's room. We then all ran down to the lobby and camped out there for a while and met a lot of random people. Drunks included xD The lobby memories are real foggy, I kept falling asleep and was in and out a lot. This one black guy was very fond of Kelly xDD When I get pictures, I'll show you. He followed us around a lot. Kelly said that she was keeping an eye on me though, cause he kept offering us alcohol and weed. It made me feel a bit awkward, but I kept saying no xD Yay me! And speaking of which, it's officially ten months since I last got high. Shit, two more months and it's been a year ... wow.

Anyways, getting off track.

The guys never came back, and we got a bit emotionally beat up for not saying hello, but I have promised myself that I will see them in concert again and I will talk to them if I get the chance. I'm not going to beat myself up for this, no, I don't care what anyone else says I am so happy and I will not let anyone defeat this feeling.

So we finally made our way back up to the hotel room and slept for a bit, then woke up and packed up, and left the hotel. We stopped at McDicks for breakfast, but Reichu and I didn't get anything.

The car ride was made up of us sleeping for the most part, then after we stopped at the Miller mall to pick up some more stuff we goofed off a lot. Getting back in to Canada was easy too. The woman there was much nicer than the first one.

Reichu was dropped off first, then Kelly, then myself. I took a bath, had something to eat, and cried myself to sleep. This trip was amazing, I am so happy. I'm sad it's over, but I will do it again next year, it was worth it. Mom also told me that we're gonna try real hard to go to Ozzfest this year, and apparently D'espairsRay will be opening? I've heard rumours here and there about it, and if it is true ... another jrock concert? Here I come ^-^

This trip was so much fun though ... I met amazing people, I got to see Dir en grey in concert, stayed in the same hotel as them, stalked ... so many memories ... it was worth all the tears that came before it. And I'd do it again in a heart beat ♥

The Concert
Bleed the Dream, Fair to Midland, Dir en grey

Bleed the Dream kicked off the night with their stuff, and I actually really enjoyed their music. I had heard of them beforehand and had liked them, but in concert they were much much better. I loved it, honestly. The emo in me got a good show, that's for sure.

By this time, I had been pushed to about second or third row and my view was slowly being taken away from me. I was getting really upset - I was here to see Dir en grey, not the backs of people's heads for Christ's sake. I was beginning to regret letting that one girl slide infront of me.

Fair to Midland ... sucked. The guitarist actually apologized for having two more songs to play. I'm not even gonna begin to complain about them. Hey, vocalist dude? You aint Kyo, stop drooling and seizuring. You suck. The End.

When Fair to Midland got off stage, everyone began to push and somehow I was put in to first row. I was very, very happy about this. One little Asian girl behind me asked if she could get infront, but I said no - fuck you, I'm seeing this damn band and I don't care about if you can see or not. She got pissed. Oh well. You're a moron and didn't get there first. I did. Ha fucking ha. I was getting really antsy and people were pushing really hard - the guy that I had pushed out of a spot was beside me and I apologized. He smiled and said it was okay, he didn't mind. I got a few apologies from people behind me who were literally humping me, but it's expected in a concert pit.

The roadies were making sure everything was in order, and when Shinya's drum set was revealed everyone began to shout and scream. I remember Nora bringing out Kyo's bucket and these fangirls behind me were screaming like whoa, and yelling out things like "Kyo wa kawaii desu!" and such. No. He's not cute - in my humble opinion he is beautiful, especially his eyes, but whatever. They seemed to have fun screaming random simple phrases out to roadies xD I was beginning to shake - it was almost time for them to come on stage ...

Lights dim, G.D.S begins ... they come on stage ... I have perfect view of Die, Shinya and Kyo, Totchi and Kaoru were on the other side of the stage, I could see them but not very well. They began to play, I'm not sure what songs to what order, I was too busy clinging on to the barrier and head banging. So, I'll steal the song list that Kelly has off of her journal. I remember Aggitated Screams of Maggots was played near the beginning as well.

Acapella to Itoshisa...
Acapella with Echo to Shokubeni
Killer Loop
Merciless CULT
Ryoujyouku no Ame


I had somehow been pushed over and forwards during the concert, and had been pushed past the barrier and right infront of the security guy. He did nothing though, so I was quite happy with my spot. Half a ruler length away from Die? Yes, please.

I can't remember when during the concert, but at one point Die leaned right over to the spot where I was and put his boot on the speaker. I immediatly grabbed for it and stroked it xD I stroked it good, yo. And that's when I began to cry - I mean, it's one thing to see them on stage, it's another to touch them while they are on stage. It hit me hard that this was actually happening, and I cried. While Die was leaning over and totally playing us, he caught sight of me and his 1000 watts smile broke right out. While he was staring at me. I was so happy that I had gotten his attention, but when he kept coming back to look at me I began to wonder why. Why was Die, who had lots of eye candy laid out in front of him, keep diverting his attention to me? I then suddenly tuned back in to my body and felt people's hands all over my shoulders - what the hell, why aren't they grabbing clothes? I look down and realize ... the girls were trying to see the show too.

My shirt and tanktop had been pulled quite a length down my shoulders and because I have a shitty bra and I was jumping and all, my chest was escaping my shirt. The mystery of Die's amusement had been solved, to my complete embarrasment.

So, take note girls. To get Die's attention, let your boobs escape your bra --; I really hope that the guy who was recording the show didn't get that, and if he did, that my chest doesn't get put on a DVD --; If he got it on tape I only hope that they laugh over it. If they do anything else with it I'll cry with embarrasment. If Die has to wank over something, he better wank over that porn Kelly gave Kyo --;

Security began to squirt little amounts of water over the crowd - I didn't get much then, and I really wanted some because of how hot it was. Die eventually grabbed his water bottle and literally dumped it on the people in front of him - AKA me. I got it all down my front. It felt so good - I was covered in sexy xD The water was appreciated though, it felt really good. And Die dumping it on me made it all the more better.

I can't believe how beautiful Kyo's eyes were. How wide he could make them, how beautiful the colour is ... all of them looked so beautiful. It blows my mind how amazing the concert was. It didn't last as long as I wanted it to, when it finished it was like ... wow. No. You can't be over!

Shinya chucked out his Shinya sticks and Die threw picks - he was actually handing them out to people at one point but missed my hand entirely. Bitch - I SHOWED YOU MY CHEST accidently xD I think I deserved a friggin pick. Kyleigh picked one off of the floor, we all squee'd with her xDD

After the show we ran over to the merch table and I got both tshirts and a poster. I then went outside to meet up with Kelly and I had a little breakdown. I saw Dir en grey. I saw Dir en grey.

HOLY FUCK I SAW DIR EN GREY. It still hits me, and hits me hard.

I didn't go with Kelly to talk with Harry, she disappeared too fast so I went with Reichu, Jason and Ron. I was so happy, my night couldn't get any better.

But it did. And you get to read about that ... when I finish my last part of the report xDD I'm so evil.

zucci_zookeenee - Kelly
reisuru - Reichu
sakusakura - Jason

Before the concert
Leaving town, getting into Duluth, the Black Bear Casino, getting into Minniapolis, waiting outside the venue

On Tuesday, I left school at lunch hour to go home and finish my packing, do some grocery shopping, and just chill out before we headed out to the States. At about 2:30 my mom and I went and picked Kelly up from work, and we dropped over to A&P so Kelly could grab some stuff. We loitered my house for a while before my mom brought us to the school for about 3:15ish, where we transferred to Reichu's dad's car, Ron. My mom then told him that I was allowed to stay with Kelly in line, and apparently a deal was made that if we got lost, he wouldn't go looking for us and would leave town without us? I didn't hear of this agreement but I was told later on in the game when it was highly inappropiate to tell me. More on that later. Lisa, Reichu's mom, drove by and dropped off some things in the car, and told Kelly and I to have a good time.

Kelly and I then sat in the back and waited for Reichu and Jason to come out from school, and when they did we dropped over to Jason's house to get his luggage and then we left town. It was a long ride, but we had a few pit stops and such. Crossing the border wasn't all that hard, the woman there was quite ... angry looking. Apparently she gave Jason quite the look, but I didn't see.

We got in to Duluth at I can't remember what time and went to this fancy smancy resturant, with really expensive pricing. I personally wish I hadn't eaten, but oh well. Kelly basically got fucked with her blue cheese pile of crap but my chicken pot pie was good ... while it stayed in my stomach --; We then left there and continued to the Miller Mall thing, where we all went SQUEE! and bought Cure and SHOXX magazines. I bought some make up as well, since I'm lacking in the scene!makeup department, and then we headed past Duluth to this Black Bear casino where we stayed for the night. Kelly, Jason, Reichu and I sat on one of the beds and went through our magazines, I got a Miyavi and an IMITATION POPS NOIZ poster which will hopefully have a home when my room is completed in the basement. I also got an Uruha interview from the SHOXX magazine, I was quite happy with that ^-^ 18 pages of Miyavi and 5 pages of Uruha? Sha-weeet.

I shared a bed with Kelly while Jason slept on the piece of metal pull out couch bed thinger and Reichu shared a bed with her dad. I stayed as near to the edge of the bed as I could, not because I don't like Kelly and all but because I was afraid I'd totally thrash in the night and I'd rather fall on the floor than hit Kelly in the head.

We got up at about 7ish and we all got dressed and did makeup and all, and went downstairs to the lobby for our "complimentary" breakfast. It was shit, really. Stale donuts, cold burnt toast and cereal? Oh, how lovely [/sarcasm]. I had some orange juice and one piece of toast, I don't think I could have handled anything more. We then got our stuff and headed down to Minniapolis and got into town a little after 10ish. Kelly and I got dropped off at the venue and while Kelly was sifting through her stuff I was sent out to go to the venue and find out how to get tickets. I walked in there and I was greeted with a "welcome to the line!" from everyone. I asked where I could get pre ordered tickets and this one girl who was fucking HUGE! (not like fat, but tall, freakishly tall) told me very nicely how to get them. I thanked them all and went out to tell Kelly, and said our goodbyes to Reichu and Jason and Ron because they weren't gonna wait in line with us. Nope, they went shopping --; Oh well, their choice, right? And they had a good time anyhow, so whatever ^-^

Kelly and I then went into the front of the venue and Kelly found a friend of hers there, Wendy. At first I kinda stayed back and was really quiet, because I knew only Kelly and she was with Wendy and Wendy's friends on a platform above me while I was down with some other people. They were nice though, they offered me food and drinks which I kindly said no to because I was too nervous to do anything but keep my mouth shut in fear I would projectile vomit. Eventually Kelly told me to get my ass up there with her, and I squeezed on over to where she was. I was introduced to Wendy, who I just *adore*. She's so very cute. I then met this girl Savannah, who was all Lolita like and such. I'm not sure how I felt about her, but oh well. Kelly soon left to go get her ticket, but I couldn't because Ron had them under his name and he was gone so ... I was a bit panicked, but when Kelly came back she told me she had a spare just in case something happened. While she was gone I stuck with Wendy, who was really friendly and put me at ease. She's adorable, I can't get over that!

By the time Kelly came back, the Dir en grey tour busses had pulled up and the 20-30 of us who had been waiting inside the lobby like area of the venue were kicked outside to wait. We all lined up and watched the busses, and basically met with a bunch of cool people. I met Kaitlyn, who was from Wisconsin and was uberly cool. We met two other Canadians as well, Kyleigh and Ally, who were from Winnipeg. There were a few other people that we didn't get names of, but for the most part it was Kelly, Kaitlyn, Kyleigh, Ally, Wendy and I who were real buddy buddy. Hopefully I can get pictures from Kelly, she got a few of the line if I do recall correctly.

After a while, the staff began to roll out the equipment and we all watched as their instruments went by. Kelly mentally smited me for missing Shinya's drum set (I can't even remember what had distracted me) but I pointed out Kaoru's Viper so it's all good xDD After that, we all watched for the members of Diru. Kaitlyn and a few others had went into a building to warm up, and a few minutes after she disappeared, Kaoru stepped out of the bus. He literally strutted his way out, and the line up went dead silent as he walked by. Kaitlyn walked behind him, and the guy who was escorting Kaoru kept looking back at her like he was afraid she'd rape him or something xD When Kaoru turned the corner to enter from the side entrance, the line up all went SQUEE OMFG DFKHAFHADG and Kaitlyn ran to us and was crying because of how close she was to Kaoru, since he is her idol. I held her as she cried, it was cute.

No one came out after that, and Kyleigh had gotten us hand warmers and I had sat down on the ground with sleeping bags and blankets with her, Ally and Wendy. Kelly and Kaitlyn went inside the building to warm up and all, and Wendy sat in my lap and I held her to warm her up. We were all quite cold - it was freezing out side and we had been out there for a good chunk of time. Soon Kelly and Kaitlyn joined us and we waited for Dir en grey to come out, since Kaoru had been the only one so far and unless the band were totally ninja they had to have been still in the tour bus.

A while after, Die came out, and he was fucking hilarious. The woman who was escorting him, who I found out was Nora the translator, told us no photos, but hell - they were taken anyways. Die was playing with his hair while he was walking and didn't make eye contact with anybody, and we all were amused. Kaoru then came back out and Wendy called out "nice ass!" to him, and I got a kick out of that one. Ally got a nice pic of Kaoru's bum too xDDDD I was actually quite impressed by the self restraint that this crowd had. The band had to get real damn close to the crowd to get inside the venue and no one tried to jump them or anything. And their body guards were Asian - we could have easily snapped them in half and ran down the road with one of the members, but we didn't. I was so impressed. Talk about a good fan base.

So, we continued to wait, and soon Jason, Reichu and Ron joined us at like, 3:30ish I suppose? Somewhere along those lines. At 4 Kyleigh and Kelly disappeared to Kyleigh's car to drop off the blankets and such, and we all stood up and waited in the line. There were a few people who cut and some of the people we had met in line yelled at them - I remember this blonde girl and this guy who had long black hair especially, they were cool people. They definately yelled and bitched at cutters.

Fair to Midland had arrived earlier on, and the doors didn't open at 4:30 like they were supposed to because Bleed the Dream were late. Oh, I wanted to kill someone. Finally, Bleed the Dream got there and I talked a little with the bassist. I told him that my sister loved them, and he said to tell her that they loved her too xD They soon got their stuff in and the line up was allowed to enter the venue. I threw my coat at Ron, a logn with a lot of other people, and when I got in I ran over to the stage. I was second row at that point, and had a good view for sure. I was happy with it. I started out the concert right beside Ally and Reichu, Jason wasn't that far away if I recall correctly. Bleed the Dream was setting up, and I was getting a bit irritated. I was cold, I was hurting, and I wanted Dir en grey. This one girl asked if she could slide infront of me because she couldn't see, and because I'm too nice for my own good I let her. My view totally sucked, so I was getting a bit upset and pissy.

Soon, the lights dimmed, and Bleed the Dream began their first song.

You'll hear more about it ... when I finish the next part of my report xDD
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